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Flame Crystal Lamp

Flame Crystal Lamp

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The Lumena Lamp

Home of the TikTok viral Lumena Lamp. Unique LED-lights lamp for every room aesthetics lover. 


Easy Setup: The Lumena Lamp is USB powered and comes with a remote control (battery included). 

16 Colors: You will never get bored of your Lumena Lamp by being able to switch between 16 different colors.

Adjustable Brightness: Do you like it dark or very light? Don´t worry. You are able to choose between 6 brightness levels that will meet your needs.

Fade Mode: Can´t decide for one color? Easily fade between colors with FadeMode that can be set up with your remote control.


Easy Return

If your product is delivered damaged in any possible way, you are able to  get a refund quick and easy. At Lumena Lights we always aim to keep our customers happy. Make sure to read our refund policy for further information.



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How do I set up my lamp?

The Lumena Sphere works via USB connection. Easily plug in your charger into your power outlet and enjoy your small universe.

How long is the cable?

The power cable is almost 130cm (51in) long, meaning you can place your lamp almost anywhere you want including your bedside table, desks, etc...

Does the remote come with batteries?

Yes, you will receive a fully charged remote control meaning you can enjoy your Lumena Lamp as soon as it arrives!

Collapsible row

Of course! Any LED-remote is compatible with the Lumena Lamp. You can basically control your room´s whole LED-setup (including your Lamp) with only one remote.